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Duma Trading Enterprises

We stock some of the world’s leading security technology brands. Each of these brands is renowned for their ingenuity and their constant innovation, as well as their commitment to providing clients with affordable security options.


We also install and manage security equipments and modern technology solutions in diverse workplaces and environments. We are specialists in providing complete security solutions to commercial and industrial estates, corporates and warehouses. We also service local, regional and national government related properties, SME’s and private homeowners, and are popular subcontractors for other leading security enterprises.

We offer the full range of security options, Biometric Installations right through to CCTV surveillance, Security Cameras, alarm installations and repairs. We also offer security for solar panels and other solar systems. Our security consultants have years of experience and can offer you the best security solutions on the market. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Product Quality

We have partnered with the world’s leading brands to bring the best quality home for more than half a century.

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Product Range

The only thing more diverse than our cameras range is the potential it holds for you to realise your vision.


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I have received 110% knowledgeable support from you over 3+years since I purchased my equipments from them. just solid support. I wish our police and government services came anywhere near this performance!

Ken Williams

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I'm very pleased with the system supplied by your company. It was easy to install and configure and it is straightforward and robust in operation. The after sales support provided by your sales team is exceptional.

Carol Chantel

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Very happy with your service and delivery. Items well packed. We will be installing the unit for a few weeks yet to come. I must say all in all I am very happy, thank you to your team!

Bokang Adams









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